Conscious Ambassador Certification

Our certification is a 9-hour professional learning opportunity aimed at developing your Elevated Consciousness that can be taken in person, online, or through a hybrid format combining in-person sessions and asynchronous work.

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Our team of experts will skillfully create a welcoming environment that fosters the safety and engagement for all participants. We believe that every person has a unique story and unique lenses that have formed their personal experiences. Throughout the certification, we invite each participant to explore their own identity and background and how it informs how they have come to understand the world, thus, building their Elevated Consciousness.

Participants are guided through an “inward-out” experience through 3, three-hour sessions, that use multiple modes of content delivery including direct instruction, large and small group discussion, journaling, and scenario analysis to build an Elevated Consciousness by teaching and applying the four Basic Principles of Conscious Ambassadorship.

Gain strategies for safe, inclusive workspaces that see people in their full humanity

Four Principles of Conscious Ambassadorship


All humans experience various levels of vulnerability, which include a balance of various risks and protective factors in our environment.​

Self Reflection

Reflecting inward is an essential step to unpacking our beliefs and values that contribute to our understanding of others in the world.

Outward Orientation

After reflecting on self, we turn outward to understand others' experiences, including beliefs and values that are different from our own.

Life-Long Process

The Elevated Consciousness is a practice that must be used a lens to understand ourselves and the world around us.

The Conscious Curriculum fuels the Conscious Culture Framework

The Conscious Culture Curriculum


You’ll get strategies for practicing an Elevated Consciousness, such as the four basic principles of Conscious Ambassadorship — a tool for identifying in-the-moment stress balance. You will also gain knowledge of our a Decision Making Model, which is an 8 Step Guide to making authentic decisions. Both of these will be presented in a pocket guide format for participants to reference for quick use along their lifelong journey.


Training sessions are led by our team of Conscious Facilitators who hold deep knowledge and expertise in delivering various content for leadership development (including the MBTI and DiSC), Mental Health First Aid, Wellness, and Trauma Informed Care. They approach each session in a way that is contextually grounded, strategic, person-centered, and weaves assessment and evaluation strategies to drive decision-making at every step.

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What's Included

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Why People Love Hansra Consulting

With raised awareness of self and others, we work with leadership teams to align organizational values to behaviors.

Our Certifications

SBA 8a, SBAWOSB, WBENC, DiSC, MBTI, Mental Health First Aid, MBE, WBE

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Conscious Ambassador Certification

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Conscious Ambassador Certification